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1Party Food & Drink EssentialsFood & RestaurantFood & Drink are essentials for a party. It will be served based on party/event type or group of ...Event52201ProjectEddieIrvine, CA0/0
2Party Entertainment & ActivitiesEntertainment There are many important tasks to host a successful party. We can not do it without entertainment...Event43001ArticleEddieIrvine, CA0/0
3Party Venue, Facility & EquipmentPartiesIt's fun to the party by renting a facility or equipments.Event2401ProjectEddieInternet Search0/0
4Plan, Invitation & PhotoPartiesAll predecessor works need to be done behind the scene such as planning, invitation, and task-coo...Event3901ArticleEddieIrvine, CA1/0
5Travel Transportation in Los AngelesTransportationAlways plan ahead what transportation you use and what schedule to catch. Event51301ArticleEddieIrvine, CA0/0
6Hotel & AccommodationsHotel & AccommodationsIf budget is allowed, 5-star hotel could be the first choice. However, sometimes couch-surfing do...Event4601ArticleEddieIrvine, CA0/0
7Travel Carry-on ItemsTravelList all small daily items to bring. Thumb Rules, -- Simple Items -- Must Have ...Event3301ArticleEddieIrvine, CA0/0
8Travel Information & DocsTravelWheather Forecast, Transportation Schedule, ID/Passort, Map, Local Regulation Info., Reservation ...Event51301ArticleEddieIrvine, CA1/0
9DIY Tool, Equipment & MaterialHousehold DIY ProjectsDo-It-Yourself projects may need some tools in additional to our bare hands. Get the right tools,...Event31601ProjectEddieInternet Search0/0
10Wedding EssentialsWedding CeremonyWedding Day is an unforgetable moment of a couple. How can you handle so many tasks and make the ...Event1685264501ProjectEddieInternet Search2/0
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